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Bothwell zone Harare, Zimbabwe , 812 Days Ago Job reference: (343)
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Salary Range: $ 1000 - 1500 Per Month
Job Category: Agriculture / Animal Husbandry
Sub Category:
Job Shift: 8 AM to 5PM
Posted: 08-08-2018
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Minimum Education: University
Minimum Experience: 3 Years
Age: 25 Years - 35 Years
Work Permit:
Required Travel:
Job Status
Job Status: Sourcing
Start Publishing: 08-08-2018
No of Jobs: 1
Stop Publishing: 29-10-2021
Location Harare, Zimbabwe
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Harare, Zimbabwe



Ensuring that cut rag stock positions are adequately stocked as per company’s agreed minimum levels.


Ensure weekly cutting instructions to be sent to procurement, factory and cutting plant.


Ensure tobaccos are ordered and delivered to cut rag plant.


Monitor blending and cutting


Check cut rag returns and ensure this conforms with our yield requirements which should be 99% to 100% of tobacco delivered.


Follow up tobaccos are delivered to the company and monitor cut rag position.


Follow up with Quality Assurance (QA), quality, moistures, nicotine and sugar specifications.


Smoke each brand produced on a daily basis and monitor smoking qualities of each blend to maintain company’s brand quality.


On a three-month basis check kg’s of tobacco used against stocks ordered, should certain styles be running low, source competitively priced tobaccos and re-order.


Ensure company have a minimum 12 to 15 months stocks of all its requirements.


Imported tobaccos, ensure that orders are in place and that on a monthly basis, tobaccos are being shipped and arriving at the company.  This will include monitoring arrival times of each vessel. 


Monitor payments for local and international orders.


Development and implementation of the departmental annual plan of work and budgets.


Monitoring leaf production trends forecasting on yields per type and provision of information to other departments for planning purposes.


Monitoring and application of new trends developments in leaf yield and quality improvements techniques.



Qualification: Diploma in Agriculture or related field 

Prefered Skills


1.      Sound experience in Tobacco knowledge,   


2.      Minimum of three (3) years tobacco experience with a Tobacco merchant company.


3.      The Leaf Trainee Manager should know all the aspects of blending and green leaf threshing together with re-drying.


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